Does human consciousness survive death? What is the meaning of life? What about Albert Camus’ main ontological problem? And what is evil? Does evil even exist? If it doesn’t, as modern philosophical thinking suggests, how can we reconcile this concept in a manner that can make sense to both our earthly idea of justice and to a more enlightened and modern view of the world? By studying and analysing the quantum dynamics and the hidden realities which, despite our inability to see them, encompass all of our experiences, actions and thoughts, the research presented in this work provides brand-new answers to many fundamental enquiries. The ultimate goal is better comprehending the actual purpose of being for humans both as a collective and as individualities, as well as understanding the fundamental nature of the multi-dimensional fabric of the cosmos in which we exist and thrive.

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Quantum Philosophy

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Quantum Philosophy

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Rina Brundu (M.A. in Contemporary Languages and Literature) is a writer, a publisher and an independent researcher. She spent 15 years in multinational companies in a managerial capacity and as a technical consultant, and has dedicated 25 years to field research in the internal areas of Sardinia (Italy). Over the last decade she developed a strong interest in philosophical-scientific studies (with a focus on Quantum Physics), and has written several books dedicated to these areas of research. She also published the opera omnia of Italian linguist and glottologist Massimo Pittau (1921-2019), with whom she grew a long-term friendship. She currently resides in Ireland.

Rina Brundu – Scrittrice, editore e ricercatore indipendente. Ha trascorso 15 anni nelle multinazionali ricoprendo diversi ruoli, dal management alla consultancy. Da 25 anni si occupa di ricerca sul territorio, specialmente nelle zone interne della Sardegna. Nell’ultima decade ha sviluppato un forte interesse per gli studi filosofici e scientifici con una forte attenzione alla filosofia e alla fisica quantistica. In qualità di editrice ha coordinato convegni, organizzato premi letterari, ha pubblicato studi universitari, raccolte poetiche e l’opera omnia del linguista e glottologo Massimo Pittau (1921-2019), con cui ha stabilito un lungo sodalizio lavorativo, intellettuale e umano. Anima il sito www.rinabrundu.com.

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